Guadalajara, a city full of colors, textures, music and traditions was the origin of an architectural style in 1927 called REGIONALISM which lasted until 1935.

This architecture was the result of an architect who’s name was Luis Bàrragan. He traveled all the way through the north of Africa and south of Spain during the years of 1923-1924, observing, hearing, feeling and touching the architecture. When he returned to Guadalajara he had a new vision and many ideas for his future proyects .

He spread his new vision to Julio de la Peña, Pedro Castellanos , Ignacio Díaz Morales , and Rafael Urzúa who were also architects  and all of them began constructing and designing with this new concept that now is know as REGIONALSM.

The characteristics come from the combination of Mediterranean architecture, arabian architecture and the paintings of Ferdinand Bac with Mexican culture and traditions.

Image       Image

La Alhambra , Granada, Spain.  Paisajes interiores, Ferdinand Bach.


Some MAIN characteristics are:

  • Opening the house to the patio.
  • The use of materials which were made in Guadalajara such as     : tejas, adobe , azulejos , barro, wood.
  • Use of water in water mirrors.
  • Use of colors such as green (flag), red, blue, gold.

Here in Guadalajara we have the privilege to own the edifications that represent the regionalism in MÉXICO. One example is CASA ITESO CLAVIGERO.

In this house we can see the fat walls made of adobe enjarrado, the water mirrors , vegetation , tejas, colors , texture, rounded wood rails etc..


Unfortunatly with the passage of time many of this houses have been destoyed or are extremly damaged. It’s a shame because this houses represent who we are, who we were and where we are going !

Juan Palomar , an excellent architect from Guadalajara said that TODAY the new constructions in our city are not very good or interesting, which is very sad and an attempt to the general culture, he said that  we should propose the reconstruction of the past work that was demolished by the senseless society.

We better start taking care of what we have in our city, BECAUSE WE HAVEN’T NOTICED IT, BUT WE HAVE A LOT!!!


Casa Farah, Rafael Urzúa




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